23-25 May 2012
Crowne Plaza Nairobi, Kenya
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Marcus Evans takes great pride in organising our exclusive 2nd Annual HR Excellence large scale conference, scheduled between 23rd and 25th May 2012, in Nairobi, Kenya.

The most successful companies understand that the most important business decisions they make are not what new products they launch or what new markets they enter. What really matters is what new people they let in the door — who they hire — and how they create an environment in which everyone in the organisation can share ideas, solve problems, and develop a psychological and emotional stake in the enterprise.

HR is the corporate function with the greatest potential -- the key driver, in theory, of business performance. Companies that are winning big in tough economic circumstances, create something special, distinctive and compelling in the workplace to attract talented people and establish productive partnerships. In the global marketplace, companies with the best talent win. And finding, nurturing, and developing that talent should be one of the most important tasks in an organisation.

In today’s business environment where efficiency and productivity are crucial, it’s a challenge to respond to the rapidly changing conditions. HR can play an important role as a strategic collaborator and business partner within an organisation. A talent & performance management strategy that fosters alignment and responsiveness between departments will drive profit upwards.

This conference provides the perfect platform to explore the dynamics of talent management, discover the latest updates in strategic HR and experience innovative HR applications & technologies which will enable you to create a truly world class HR function and drive business success.

Also attend the full day Emotional Intelligence workshop on day three and learn how to work effectively in today’s relationship-oriented workplace, leverage on EQ to create positive change, develop strategies for achieving results and build successful organisations.

This must attend event provides an interactive platform for key stakeholders and all organisations directly & indirectly involved in human resource worldwide.

For the full programme please contact Miss Esther Wong at EstherW@marcusevanskl.com

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